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The owners of Sorrento Star have written to me to say - "We have recently acquired a Norfolk Broads River cruiser called Sorrento Star which appeared in the Blakes holiday brochures in the 1950's. We are trying to date her and believe her to be built either in 1939 or around 1951."

"All info so far points to 1950/51 build but some of the boat fittings have 1930 patents and registered design numbers. I have spoken to a vintage boat club member and he suggested 1938. As she first appears in Blakes brochure in 1952 there must be a chance she could have been bought secondhand by them and therefore perhaps earlier. We have see very similar and almost identical boats built in the 30's.

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If anyone has any information on the history of this boat, please contact me via the contact form and I will reply to the owners on your behalf. Your e-mail address will not be shared, unless you specifically request it. Many thanks.

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