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NewTuesday 22nd April 2014
Jigsaw Puzzle of the Moment


NewTuesday 22nd April 2014
Surprise Jigsaw Puzzle of the Moment


Lagangarbh Hut : head of Glencoe
Scottish Highlands


The location will be revealed when the
jigsaw is complete.

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153 piece jigsaw and 264 piece jigsaw (835K)
Also available as Desktop Wallpaper


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143 piece jigsaw or the 255 piece jigsaw


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Archived jigsaws from the previous 3 uploads

An opportunity to catch up with some that you might have missed.
(Move your mouse cursor over the pictures to show their location and grid reference.)

The 3 jigsaws below are also available as desktop wallpaper images

13th April 2014

Calvary at the Anglican Shrine : Walsingham, Norfolk (OS Grid Ref. TF935369)

153 pieces 231 pieces


4th April 2014

Teigh, Rutland (OS Grid Ref. SK864161)

144 pieces 252 pieces


26th March 2014

Wasdale Head - Cumbria (OS Grid Ref. NY188086)

153 pieces 264 pieces

Wasdale Head

Archived surprise jigsaws from the previous 4 uploads

New Surprise jigsaws from the previous 4 uploads
An opportunity to catch up with some that you might have missed.

13th April 2014

4th April 2014

26th March 2014

17th March 2014

Surprise Jigsaw Surprise Jigsaw Surprise Jigsaw Surprise Jigsaw

132 pieces 255 pieces

130 pieces 234 pieces

120 pieces 224 pieces

128 pieces 253 pieces

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