Blue tit nest box cam - page 4

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(Image captured on Monday, 20th May)

I'm still not sure if all the chicks are still alive, as it's impossible for me to keep a check on all these eager mouths. So how does the mum manage? In this image there are clearly seven chicks eager for food and there are two other chicks on top, just to the right of the mum. (Click the image for a better view.) Mum usually gives a double chirp when she brings food and that's the cue for "Mouths open if you want any food." The mealworm feeder has not yet been found by any visiting birds, but is in a prominent position. Maybe tomorrow?

Ever open mouths

Tuesday 21st May

No traumas, (no birds at the mealworm feeder either). Today a parent sparrow was feeding its 3 youngsters from our sunflower heart feeder, as was a starling with its young. The young starling looked old enough to feed itself, as it was almost as big as the parent.

It just seemed as if they were saying "When you're old enough to feed yourself, this is where you can come for food, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year." Year round feeding is now recommended by birding organizations as many birds die in spring and summer because of lack of food. See:- RSPB recommended food at this time of year.

Wednesday 22nd May

First the great tits, then the blue tits found the mealworm feeder. The grubs look just too big for those small mouths but they manage it, eventually. I hope the parent birds know what they're doing! From mid afternoon onwards there was a steady stream of mealworms being brought to the nest box.. The chicks should sleep well tonight. At about 5 o'clock there was a terrible clatter on the bird box roof and a magpie was seen flying off. He's obviously spotted the nest box. Danger is ever present for wildlife.

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(The over exposed patches are the sun. It hasn't shone much in Lancashire this May.)

Open wide! Will it fit?
Here goes! Do you think we should be doing this?

Saturday 25th May

2 beaks + 4 beaks +5 beaks = 11 chicks

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This is the first time that we have had conclusive proof that there are 11 chicks and that all are alive and well ! (2 beaks + 4 beaks + 5 beaks) They are all being fed mealworms by the parents. After a slow start the mealworms now disappear from the feeder as quickly as I put them out. All the birds are developing feathers and the wings and markings are clearly visible as they scramble over each other for food.

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