Garden Cam!

Two regular night time visitors

The images on this page were captured using a domestic, infra red surveillance camera, readily available from Argos, B&Q etc. I've spent some considerable time testing my computer's ability, (and mine!) to transmit live images directly to the Internet. I'm pleased to say that it all worked, ..... eventually. Hopefully the technique will be used next spring to transmit 'real time' images from our nest boxes. There are three bird boxes and all are fitted with miniature cameras. If only one of the bird boxes is used, you will be in for a real treat. See also 'How to install a camera inside a bird box.'

You never know what's lurking in your garden whilst you're asleep!
(Click any of the images below for a bigger picture)

... or even when you're awake, and the computer's still doing the watching for you!

Recent garden birds have included a jay, a heron, and goldfinches, plus the usual 'common' garden birds. Also, a great spotted woodpecker which is a 'first' for our garden.

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