Bird box cam - new for 2005 - now with 'real time' images

Broadband users:- Clicking this real time link will open up a new window that refreshes continually. P.S. All chicks fledged on 2nd July 2005. This live link will be removed tomorrow.

Dial up users:- The picture below is a static image that refreshes every half minute. This is the most convenient way of quickly checking inside the nest box.

The 1st great tit chick hatched on 12th June 2005. There were 4 chicks and one unhatched egg. This is a 'one parent family'. Initially the outlook was not good, but the continuous supply of mealworms has enabled the lone female to easily feed her chicks.

All gone!
This image will be refreshed in seconds

The camera will be switched on during the day (UK time), but not overnight

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