Cruising the Huddersfield Narrow Canal

page 2 - Stalybridge

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Approaching Stalybridge from the south is initially rather drab, as old urban buildings dominate the scene. This section of the canal has not benefited from the major 'makeover' in Stalybridge itself, but be prepared to be amazed as you approach the town centre! A new canal section had to be dug through the town, as the canal had been totally filled in and built on. Stalybridge was the most difficult part of the whole canal project, often dubbed ' The Impossible Restoration. ' Picture 4, below, shows some of the new section. The lock just ahead of the bridge leads to the impressive Armentieres Square.

Lock 2W - Huddersfield Narrow Canal This is the start of the new section of canal through Stalybridge Restored lock 5W - Stalybridge Armentieres Square is beyond the next lock

Planting tubs will soften the harsh edges of the canal once the plants become established. Pictures 3, 4 and 5 below are of Armentieres Square, a continental style piazza with bars and bistros and the boats passing through at street level. Stalybridge has been dubbed - Little Venice! Moor up at Tesco for provisions, as such convenient amenities are few and far between.

Planting tubs will protect boats, the canal side and add interest Moorings are available at Tesco, canal side Armentieres Square Our Wilderness boat in  the Armentieres Square lock Stalybridge - sometimes now referred to as Little Venice

Even the modern street lamps have been designed with an old fashioned 'gas lamp' design, and extensive bedding planting and seating has done much to enhance the area. The last lock at the north of the town soon leads to open countryside, but there are more locks, almost round every corner. Even the British Waterways booklet "A Guide to the Huddersfield Narrow Canal" misses a few of the new ones from its maps!

New street lighting mimics ancient gas lighting Stalybridge has seen extensive work to make the whole canal scheme possible Lock 7W - Stalybridge Lock 7W is the last lock in this newly restored section

Cruising the Huddersfield Narrow Canal
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