Boating Links

Wilderness Boats

Wilderness Boats Designers & builders of the original Wilderness Trailboats. Second hand boat sales and servicing via Ian Graham, the very approachable and helpful proprietor. See also Wilderness Boats on the Mon. & Brec. Canal : (17 minute YouTube video). Wilderness boats have now been relaunched and are manufactured by Clearwater Boats.

Wilderness Boat Owners' Club

Wilderness Boat Owners' Club The official web site for information about these trailable boats.

The Boats & Canals Forum

The Boats & Canals Forum. Canal & River Trust and Waterscape News, Videos, Daily Chat page ... and much more.

Foxshaw Gardens Online - Boating Section

The Boating and Waterways section of an extensive website that also covers creating a Garden Pond, Aquariums, Model Railways and Steam Engines. Visit the Home Page to see all the sections.

The Boats of the Norfolk Broads

The Boats of the Norfolk Broads. A database of over 40,000 boats collated over the last 40 years by Craig Slawson. Also visit Craig's Horning village web site.

Deborah and William Hillyard's website

An 'Older Vacations Page' on Deborah and William Hillyard's website includes photographs (circa 1960) of Sea Wanderer and Sea Courier.

Ron's Boats

Ron's Boats - a fine collection of model boats built by Ronald Wem, a retired design engineer.

Broadland Memories

Broadland Memories - An archive of the golden era of boating on the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads.


BroadsNet is a very comprehensive cruising guide to the Norfolk Broads, illustrated with maps and photographs.

Norfolk - Photographs of the Norfolk Broads, virtual tour maps, plus 4 'sub-webs'. Masses of information!