In the Shadow of Brown Wardle

In the shadow of Brown Wardle

'In the shadow of Brown Wardle' is now a 47 page booklet and was written by site visitor and former Whitworth resident Beryl Howarth. It's a fascinating insight into life in the 1930s and 1940s. The story recounts a child's life of games such as peggy, hopscotch, whip and top and marbles, and gentle outdoor pursuits such as camping and fishing for sticklebacks. No account of life in Whitworth would be complete though without references to quarrying, cotton mills, Wakes Weeks, Whit Walks and the 'Nutters'!

If you remember those times, be prepared for a trip down memory lane. If you're younger, you will still be fascinated by Beryl's story and discover that there actually was a life before television and computers! In spite of the War, some would say that in many ways a child's life was happier than today. Download Beryl's story and decide for yourself. The file size is 2.36MB. It's in Adobe Reader format, which is probably already installed on your computer.

The article was not initially destined for world wide publication but was written for Beryl's grandchildren Charlotte and Jenna. There are a number of pictures from the era and Beryl asks for readers' help in identifying some of the people in the early photographs. You can initially contact Beryl via the Contact Form and comments will be forwarded to her. Please leave your e-mail address when you sign the Contact Form.

Thanks also to Beryl's son-in-law, Stuart Innes, for seeing the potential of 'In the shadow of Brown Wardle' and for producing the booklet.

Beryl Howarth
Beryl Howarth

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