Humane Mouse Traps

House mice have always had close associations with mankind .... hence the name house mouse (!) but wood mice may also seek warmth and food in your house during the winter months. Page 1 outlines some disadvantages of using traditional methods and this page outlines my experiences of using two humane mouse traps. These enable you to capture the mice alive and release them in a suitable location remote from other houses. Note:- These are hobbyist pages, not commercial reviews, but they're based on practical experience and I hope you find them useful.

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Multi Catch Mouse Trap

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Rentokil's 'Trap-Ease'


The Trap Man Multi Catch Mouse Trap

Good Nature A24 rodent trap

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Good Nature Trap sold by Good Trapping

The Rentokil 'Trap-Ease' is inexpensive, as it's basically a square section plastic box, angled to act as a counterbalance. The far end of the trap (the yellow section in the picture above) is baited with mouse attracting food such as peanuts or chocolate. The trap door is opened and the 'Trap-Ease' is placed parallel to a 'mouse run' such as skirting boards. Note:- If you place it in the middle of a floor it can spin round and trigger before the mouse is inside. After some experimentation we managed to catch two mice on two successive nights, but the third mouse eluded capture.


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For the next three nights our furry friend managed to get the food without tripping the device. I still don't know how he did this. Maybe he had a heavier accomplice on the outside acting as a counter balance? On the fourth night he simply chewed his way in after the door had prematurely 'tripped' (see lower left picture and click it for a better view). He then ate the food inside and crawled out through the hole he'd made earlier. That was the end of the 'Trap-Ease'. If you're lucky and maybe only have one mouse, and your mouse is not as quick witted as ours, this may well be all you need in the way of a humane mouse trap.

As mice only weigh a few grams and the 'Trap-Ease' is made from opaque black plastic you can't necessarily tell if you've made a successful catch until the trap door is opened the next morning. I advise that you do this outside the house, with the mouse trap placed inside a deep sided plastic storage box and make sure that the box has a secure lid. You will be truly amazed at how high a mouse can jump.

I'm for the high jump!

Additional useful advice on using the Trap-Ease from site visitor Martin "I caught a mouse with the Trap-Ease today. Best way to prevent accidental closure of trap is to place on a flat piece of wood with the door over the lip of the edge of a piece of wood quarter inch thick or more. Trap should then only close if it is triggered by the mouse."

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Oh no! A steel mouse trap

The Trap Man Multi Catch Mouse Trap is a high tech device made from galvanized steel to withstand a mouse's sharp teeth. It has two entrances and an ingenious ramp system that allows mice to enter, but not escape. It may defeat even intelligent mice. It also has the distinct advantage of being able to attract more than one mouse per session and can't suffer from false triggering. Most traps have to be manually reset if they're triggered accidentally. As mice are most active at night this generally means another 24 hours are wasted before you can attempt another capture.

The 'Trap Man Multi Catch Mouse Trap' is fitted with a clear lid so that you can easily check the next morning to see if you have been successful. I used one or two peanuts and a small piece of chocolate as bait. The outcome was that we eventually caught our third and fourth, elusive mice, with the Multi Catch Mouse Trap and were able to release them unharmed. The mice were so small and light in weight that I assume they were able to access the food at the end of the Rentokil Trap Ease without triggering the counterbalance.

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

'Twas the night before Christmas

This mouse, the 4th so far, was caught in the Trap Man mouse trap on Christmas Eve. Hopefully there will be no more creatures stirring during the Christmas period.

The Trap Man Multi Catch Mouse Trap

Trap Man's humane mouse trap

Additional tips:- Make sure that all other food in the immediate area has been removed. The mice are then much more likely to be tempted into your humane traps. Place the traps where mice will normally run i.e. close to and parallel to a wall. You must check traps regularly to avoid causing the animals any distress and turn the trap upside down when it's not in use. Release your mice in a remote location, away from other houses. Mice have a homing instinct and if you release them in your garden they will probably soon find their way back inside your home. Check to see how the mice are gaining access to your home. Although mice can squeeze through very small holes, do not consider blocking up air bricks as these are needed to ventilate your home and floor joists. If you take the mice in your car to release them, make sure that they're in a rigid (not cardboard) box that has a secure lid. If they escape inside your car and start to nest in there, then you have got real problems. You have been warned! Good luck.

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