Badger watching, now fox watching
in our UK garden!

Initially our visiting fox turned up his nose at the badger's peanuts and sultanas, but, beggars can't be choosers. In picture 3 below he was interested in taking all the tray to a more remote part of the garden, but of course, the contents went everywhere, resulting in a very startled fox (picture 4). We never did find the tray! The new, heavyweight food tray is pegged down to prevent if from disappearing. The surveillance camera has night time infra red vision, hence the black and white images, but the fox was obviously well fed and had beautiful reddish brown fur. He's also been spotted in neighbouring gardens during the day.

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The fox and the magic egg
(Now you see it, now you don't!)

During a conversation with one of the countryside rangers at Limeside Country Park (Tameside) we learnt that she put out a hen's egg for her visiting fox. This seemed as if it would be an improvement, from the fox's point of view, and is evidenced in the picture sequence below. After initial caution, the egg was grabbed at incredible speed, (picture 5), and taken away intact to be enjoyed in the bushes at the back of the garden. This time the badger's food, (picture 6) was left undisturbed to be enjoyed by the badger / s later in the evening.

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Mouse eye view
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Not long after the fox had left, a little mouse can be seen (circled) tucking in to the badger's food. What you might call a 'narrow squeak' for the mouse!

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