Building a sparrow nest box

This 'sparrow terrace' bird box is suitable for up to 3 pairs of the (once common), house sparrow. Help to halt the decline in house sparrows by building the bird nesting box below. Click here for construction details, pictures of the ongoing project and the completed nest box. A website visitor from the United States has pointed out that house sparrows in his area, along with starlings are prolific and should not be encouraged. - Quote "May you have more sparrows and may we have fewer! I know it isn't your responsibility to inform yanks about our own ecological problems, but if nothing else, I would think it was awesome."

Printing this plan couldn't be easier. Simply hover your mouse over the drawing below and, if using Internet Explorer as your browser, right click on the image and choose 'Print Picture...'


Please check that any plywood you use for your bird boxes comes from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) sources. FSC certified tropical hardwood plywood ensures that the use of the material will not damage forests, harm wildlife or jeopardise the future of people whose lives depend on the forests. An easiliy available source would be B&Q as B&Q (UK) announced that from September 2009 it would only buy Forest Stewardship Council timber and that the FSC label would be on the timber product.

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