Beautiful Britain Jigsaws - help page

How to download:-
(1) Click on any of the jigsaw links and choose SAVE to save the file to your hard drive. For convenience it's often useful to temporarily SAVE things to your 'Desktop' then you can easily find them again!
(2) Double-click the downloaded file to run it. Some virus / firewall software may ask permission to either run or to save the jigsaw .exe. files.

The Tibo software used to create these jigsaws is only compatible with Microsoft Windows :-
The jigsaws on the Beautiful Britain website will run on all versions of Windows, including Windows 10. Incompatibility of operating systems means that they cannot be converted to run on Apple or Android devices.

Malware The jigsaws are scanned before upload using four pieces of software - Bitdefender, Malwarebytes, Avast Antivirus and Windows Defender. Please note that other antivirus software might block the files. As the jigsaws on this website change regulalrly, the 'good reputation files' may not be in their virus database.

Please Note - Unfortunately I am not able to change the jigsaw background colour. This is set by the software. Also, unlike the Jigsaw Puzzle of the Moment, the Surprise Jigsaws are not necessarily in widescreen format.

Playing Hints:-
(1) Drag pieces to the screen edges to create more worktop space.
(2) 'Click & drag' to make an invisible rectangle to move multiple pieces.
(3) Joined pieces snap together and can then be moved as one.
(4) If you choose 'ghost image' you can lay the pieces on top of the image, which aids completion of difficult jigsaws
(5) Partially completed jigsaws can be resumed at a later stage, or they can be minimized to the taskbar whilst you carry on with other computer tasks. To minimize the jigsaw click on the downward facing arrow button in the top right hand corner of the loaded jigsaw.
(6) If you purchase Jigs@w Puzzle 2 from Tibo software you will be able to copy these puzzles into your Jigs@w Puzzle 2 program and save them to work on a later date.

Daily Surprise Jigsaws and Picture of the Moment Surprise Jigsaws have no picture to assist with the completion. There are many months of Daily Surprise jigsaws and, as their name suggests, they change daily (!) so be sure to return each day for a different jigsaw.