Norfolk Broads 1960s

The pictures below were sent to me as colour slides by site visitor Graham Thomas and have been scanned to produce images for this page. The boat information is by Craig Slawson. Craig is cataloguing the old Broads boats and is very knowledgeable about them. He has his own web site about Horning - (See the link at the bottom of this page.)

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Queen of the Broads
Ludham Bridge
Brown Beaver - W453
Windsor Bridge - S193

Craig says:- Picture 1 is the old steamer, Queen of the Broads. It was replaced with a plastic boat in 1978. Interestingly the steamer couldn't pass under some of the bridges with the funnel up, so it hinged down on to the deck (I don't know what happened to the smoke!) - my dad tried to film it and the camera ran out of film just before it reached the bridge!

Picture 2 - is the view downstream from Ludham Bridge. In mid-stream is a Judith from Martham Boat Development Company 4th boat away (blue hull) is Sandpiper from Sanderson Marine.

Picture 3- W453 appears to be owned by Beaver Fleet and could be Brown Beaver - the
colour of the badge was the boat's name.

Picture 4 above is Windsor Bridge - S193. This fibreglass boat from the 1960s was the first that Graham had seen on the Broads. The boat was hired from Bridgecraft, Acle Bridge. The boatyard is still in use.

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Flotilla of boats - 1961
Chryseline 1 - A825
Horning 2000

Picture 2 above is a Porter & Haylett's boat - Chryseline1- Boat number - A825. The photograph is from the early 1960s

Picture 3 above was taken at the Swan Hotel, Horning in 2000. It's nice to see that boats from the 1960s are still afloat, and hard to imagine that this and the previous picture are taken 40 years apart.

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Horning 1920s - 1930s
Horning 1920s - 1930s
Horning 1962

The first two pictures above show Horning in possibly the 1920s-1930s. Graham says "When we visited Horning in 2000 we found that Bay cottage (where we spent our honeymoon in 1962) had been demolished, so I set about trying to find some old photos of Horning that would include the cottage. I located these in a small photographer's shop on the side of Wroxham bridge."

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(Pictures submitted by Bill Thomas)

Sunset over Oulton Broad 1966
Oulton Broad 1966
Oulton Broad 1966

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