Frogs and frogspawn

9th March - 2014 The first frogs were discovered in and around the pond. A taste of spring after the wettest winter ever recorded here in Britain.

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Male frog calling for a mate

Rather than a 'croak', the male frog's mating call is more like a cross between a motor boat and a cat's purr! Note the puffed out chin to produce the characteristic call.

During mating the male frog grips the female with his strong, sucker like fingers. Things get rather hectic at this time. I had to separate two males and a female whose legs and arms had become so hopelessly entangled that all three were strangling and drowning each other. The joys of being a pond owner!

Mating frogs
Spring is a hectic time in the pond

Massive clumps of frog spawn cover the shallow sections of the pond. Toad spawn is different in that it is laid in a long 'string' of eggs.

A couple of days after these pictures were taken, winter returned with a vengeance. The pond froze solid, it snowed and all the frogs temporarily disappeared.

What a lot of frogspawn!
Frogs have strong legs and webbed feet

The frog's legs are sturdy and powerful, enabling him to jump considerable distances. Three weeks after these pictures were taken - the frog spawn is developing into tadpoles

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