Wildlife Pond Building

These pages give practical advice on building a wildlife garden pond, the heartaches and joys of being a pond owner, and relevant links. If you're undecided about whether a wildlife pond is for you, visit the is it worth it? page first.

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Construction Pages ( 8 short pages, once you've answered the question 'Is it worth it?' )

1 Some considerations 2 Wildlife or Fish? 3 Pond Materials 4 Get Digging! 5 Pond Liner

6 Finishing Touches 7 Plants - oxygenators 8 Plants - Marginals The pond 12 months after construction

Associated pages

New26th March 2014 A delightful children's poem - The Lonely Frog, written by site visitor Melanie Hefford

Frogs, frogspawn and tadpoles - page 1and page 2 Pond problems F.A.Q. Frogspawn F.A.Q.

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