Wildlife pond

(or do you want a fish pond?)

Wildlife ponds need different requirements in terms of depth and filtration from goldfish ponds and ponds for Koi carp. Remember - the fish will eat your tadpoles, tiny froglets and other water creatures! So, decide what type of pond you want before you go any further.

Wildlife ponds need to be about 45cm (18") deep, fish ponds are better with a depth of at least 60cm (2 ft.) preferably more to protect the fish during icy conditions. Our pond is only about 3m - 2m (approx 10 ft x 6.5 ft,) but now that it's established it supports a wide variety of pond life, plants, visiting birds, bats and badgers.

Build your wildlife pond with varying depths and gently sloping sides. This allows small creatures to enter and exit the pond, frogs to lay their spawn (they prefer shallow water for spawning) and enables both large and small birds to drink or bathe in your pond.

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