Garden pond building

Some important pond building considerations

Undecided about whether to build a pond? Then go to this page first. If you're already convinced - then read on! Are there small children in the family? If so, consider building a small pebble pond feature with fountain until the children are older. Water is a fascination to children and even a shallow pond in the garden can have fatal consequences. The Safapond website explains how to safeguard existing ponds.

Do I have room for a garden pond? Decidedly - yes! Even the smallest gardens have room for a pebble pond, a small sink pond or a half barrel pond.

Barrel pond. Easy pond building and safer for children. Planted with marginal, oxygenating and floating plants.

Do you want a pond to attract wildlife or a pond stocked with goldfish or koi carp? Wildlife and fish ponds are rarely compatible.

Will the pond be surrounded by trees or deep shade? Leaves can be troublesome in the autumn and few pond plants will grow well unless there is adequate light.

Is the garden on a sloping site? Streams or cascades can look effective, but a built up waterfall on a flat site can look out of place.

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