Pond plants

Marginals and Deep Water Aquatics

Marginals cover a vast variety of plants. Marsh marigolds (Caltha palustris) are popular, as are water forget-me-nots. Pickerel weed (potederia) is worth growing. Whole books are devoted to pond plants and can avoid you buying unsuitable plants for your size of pond. Recommended Reading:- Rock & Water Garden Expert by Dr. D.G. Hessayon.

Marginals usually reside in either the shallow part of the pond or on a marginal shelf. Many are just as happy in the damp, boggy surrounds of the pond. They do not play a role in conserving the natural 'balance' of the pond but are ornamental and provide some protection for your frogs and other pond creatures from the visiting herons and other predators.

Marsh Marigold - Alba


Pickerel Weed

Marginals are generally planted in special baskets using aquatic compost (low in nutrients to minimize undesirable algae growth).


Water Hawthorn

Golden Club

Deep Water Aquatics need to be planted a foot or more deep. Their leaves help to keep your pond life cool, provide shelter and assist in keeping the water clear by limiting the sun's rays. Water hawthorn (aponogeton) is fragrant, long flowering and will tolerate moving water and some shade.

Golden club (orontium) needs to be planted in a deep tub. Has distinctive yellow and white flower heads.

Try to also grow plants round the outside of your pond to enhance its appearance. These will also provide a safe refuge for froglets from predators such as blackbirds and herons.

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