Beautiful Britain - downloadable Windows jigsaw puzzles
From 3rd February 2021 onwards I have have created jigsaws with 3 options, roughly 300 pieces, 200 pieces and 100 pieces.
Updates are currently intermittent as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is still affecting our days out and holidays.
Any feedback about the change in jigsaw sizes would be welcome.

New!By popular request, some jigsaws now have more pieces!
Latest Jigsaw : 19th January 2022
Lymington River and Quay Side, Hampshire
Latest Jigsaw
112, 209 & 312 piece jigsaws
Also available as desktop wallpaper

More about the
Latest Jigsaw
The historic, Georgian market town of Lymington is an ancient seaport with a rich maritime history. It is located on the west bank of the Lymington River on the Solent, in the New Forest district of Hampshire, between Southampton and Bournemouth. Lymington is a major yachting centre catered for by two sizeable world-class marinas and two sailing clubs. The town began as an Anglo-Saxon village and is recorded in the Domesday Book as ‘Lentune’. From the Middle Ages and up to the 19th century, Lymington was well-known for its salt making and from the early 19th century it had a thriving ship building industry. Lymington High Street was also home to Captain Arthur Phillip RN, the First Governor of New South Wales and founder of Sydney as a British penal colony, the first European settlement in Australia.

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Windows jigsaws from previous uploads

Healey Dell Nature Reserve
Whitworth, Rossendale
Healey Dell Nature Reserve, Whitworth, Rossendale<
117, 204 & 336 piece jigsaws

Cley Windmill at
Cley next the Sea, Norfolk
Cley Windmill at Cley next the Sea, Norfolk<
144, 231 & 299 piece jigsaws

St. John the Baptist Church
Burford, Oxfordshire
St. John the Baptist Church, Burford, Oxfordshire<
120, 220 & 312 piece jigsaws

Somerton War Memorial
Somerton War Memorial, Somerset
112, 209 & 299 piece jigsaws

Powis Castle Gardens
near Welshpool, Powys
Powis Castle Gardens, near Welshpool, Powys
144, 220 & 312 piece jigsaws

Powis Castle Gardens
near Welshpool, Powys
Powis Castle Gardens, near Welshpool, Powys
120, 190 & 299 piece jigsaws

North Landing, Flamborough
East Yorkshire
North Landing, Flamborough, East Yorkshire
144, 209 & 312 piece jigsaws

Smithills Hall, Bolton
Greater Manchester
Smithills Hall, Bolton - Greater Manchester
135, 198 & 322 piece jigsaws
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