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Only essential travel is currently permitted in Britain. I hope to update this page weekly using some of my 45,000 digital photographs from previous holidays.
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Tuesday 31st March 2020
Latest Jigsaw
Gathering of Historic Boats at Audlem, Cheshire
Latest Jigsaw
180 piece jigsaw and 312 piece jigsaw

Tuesday 31st March 2020
Jigsaw Puzzle
Latest Surprise Jigsaw
180 piece jigsaw and 312 piece jigsaw
Windows jigsaws from previous uploads

The Plague Window
Eyam, Derbyshire
Eyam Plague Window, with a web page at :
144 pieces 252 pieces

Song thrush - brown upper-parts and black-spotted cream or buff underparts with a glorious song to brighten up any spring day.
165 pieces 300 pieces

The Royal Liver Building
The Royal Liver Building, Liverpool
154 pieces 270 pieces

Whitley Bay Lighthouse
Tyne & Wear
Whitley Bay Lighthouse - Tyne & Wear
144 pieces 252 pieces
Surprise Windows jigsaws from previous uploads
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The Beautiful Britain website has been a hobby since 2001. That makes it almost as old as Google! BB does not generate any revenue and no longer creates links to commercial websites. The pictures are all from our many short break holidays here in Britain.

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60% of Internet traffic is now on mobile devices (2017). In the months ahead I hope to convert the most viewed pages of this this web site to a 'mobile friendly' format. If they do not display correctly, please let me know.

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