Whitworth - Rossendale Valley

Healey Dell, Brown Wardle & Cowm Reservoir

'In the shadow of Brown Wardle' A child's view of life in Whitworth in the 1930s and 1940s - written by site visitor Beryl Howarth.

A bird's eye view of Whitworth, a former Lancashire cotton mill town,
within the South Pennines Heritage Area. The 3 images below are copyright © Google Earth & DigitalGlobe. (Click on any of the 3 Google images below to enlarge to 800x600 size)

Picture 1 - an overall view of Whitworth
Picture 2 - east to west - from Cowm Reservoir to Long Acres Drive
Picture 3 - Spring Mill, Wallbank and Tonacliffe
An overall view of Whitworth
The centre and north
The south

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More (down to earth) pictures of Whitworth - at Healey Dell Nature Reserve

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Healey Dell Nature Reserve (Rochdale entrance) foxgloves Healey Dell and the 100ft high railway viaduct The Fairy Chapel These waterfalls once powered the industry's mills

The Dell, with remains of its industrial past Autumn colours at Healey Dell Healey Dell duck pond, with a viewing platform for wheelchair users The valley 'floor' at Healey Dell

Healey Dell Nature Reserve is the 'Jewel in the Crown'. It's located at the southern end of Whitworth, on the Whitworth - Rochdale border. Healey Dell is worthy of a visit at any time of the year. It has a wide range of flora and fauna, its own Fairy Chapel (row 1, picture 4) and a rich industrial past. The River Spodden flows through the Dell that was once home to cotton mills, woollen mills and even a corn mill. The Healey Dell Visitors' Centre houses exhibitions and organizes walks. The disused railway line and spectacular 100 foot high viaduct (row 1, picture 3) afford good views of the Dell and have a level surface for the less agile, with some access for wheelchair users.

Brown Wardle Hill

The Rossendale Way passes over the summit of Brown Wardle
Brown Wardle's summit gives extensive views Sparse moorland and isolated farms A children's holiday home - Brown Wardle
The Rossendale Way passes over the summit
The view from the summit of Brown Wardle
The surrounding moorland
The Children's
Moorland Home

Rossendale has more public footpaths within its boundary than any other borough in the country. The 47 mile long Rossendale Way crosses over the summit of Brown Wardle Hill. Whitworth is in the South Pennines. Mountain bike magazines class the South Pennines as having some of the best riding in the country. Much of its moorland is wild and extensive. Brown Wardle is also popular with hang gliders and paragliders and the Pennine Bridleway (including the 42 mile long Mary Towneley Loop) attracts many horse riders.

Whitworth Square and St. Bartholomew's Church

Whitworth Square - a conservation area Whitworth House  - former home of John Taylor St. Bartholmew's Church is famed for its gargoyles The exisiting church is a Grade 2 listed building and was built in 1847
Whitworth Square & the Red Lion Public House
Whitworth House
St. Bartholomew's Church & the gargoyles
St. Bartholomew's Church

Whitworth Square is a designated conservation area. 200 years ago the pioneering Whitworth Taylor Doctors had their practice here. John Taylor was formerly a blacksmith and horse doctor. He lived at Whitworth House, just below the Red Lion public house. The Whitworth Doctors were local bone setters but also treated patients from London and overseas, including the then Archbishop of Canterbury. St. Bartholomew's Church is a grade 2 listed building. The building features many gargoyles - picture 3 above.

Cowm Reservoir

Cowm Reservoir, now a water ski centre
Cowm attracts various wild fowl
A level surface makes this walk popular with all Every website should have a sunset picture!

Whitworth's water supply originally came from Cowm Reservoir until it became polluted in the 1970s. The former reservoir now provides water ski facilities for the able bodied and also for the BDWSA - British Disabled Water Skiers Association. It's a popular walk for local people along the levelled footpath that now encompasses the reservoir. Nearby stone quarries are still in use and provided the stone for London's Trafalgar Square. Tree planting schemes, (including a Life for a Life Memorial Forest at Cowm Reservoir) are encouraging birds and wildlife to return to the area, and hiding the landscape scars caused by excessive stone quarrying.

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