Norfolk Broads Cruiser - Admiral 5

The owner of this former Norfolk Broads cruiser has a brochure from 1976 and a launch catalogue from David Burton who actually worked on the building of Admiral 5.

Admiral was in the Broom hire fleet from 1955 to 1992 and was an 8 berth cruiser.

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The pictures on this web page were taken in August 2004. As the owner says "They may jog a few memories , and we hope to get some feedback and more history. There must be hundreds if not thousands of photos of her taken by holiday makers over her 37 years as a hire cruiser"

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The owner of Admiral 5 met up with Admiral 6 last year and found her to be "just magnificent and an absolute credit to Tim and his wife who have renovated her to better than new condition." Admiral 5 is still being worked on, as are other boats featured on this website.

Site visitor Sarah Keen had this to say about the Admiral -

"I have just seen the entry for Admiral 5. Whilst on holiday on the Broads in 1976 (on board a hired Elysian 27) the steering cable broke whilst rounding a bend near Wroxham Broad. We were drifting rather helplessly in the middle of the River when Admiral 5 hove into view; the hirers were a lovely family who very sweetly took us in tow back to Wroxham. The Elysian is quite a heavy GRP cruiser and it can't have been easy to have us towing astern (along with their traditional clinker sailing dinghy !) It might have been easier to have us 'breasted up' for them. She was varnished at that time and looked beautiful.

My parents owned a Windboat which we kept on the Thames, on moorings at Thames Ditton, and I know my father would have loved the opportunity to own one of the Admirals. A Thames hirefleet (Maid Line) based at Thames Ditton had one in their fleet - but she was of the earlier type without the small aft cockpit and was called 'Maid Marguerita'.

I had my own boat on the Broads in the mid 80s (I was very lucky as an Aunt had left me some money, I had only just left college, and I bought an Elysian 27 of my own with the legacy !) I would often see the Admirals, and Brooms always maintained them so well. I remember chatting to someone at their yard who told me that the 'later' Admirals were built in the late 50s- early 60s.

Out of interest, I think one of the later Admirals went to the Fens (Admiral 7 ?)"

In December 2009 website visitor John Connolly wrote - "I owned the one that went to the Fens. She was called La Boheme and I had great plans to renovate and live on her. I bought her in Cambridgeshire in 2000. Sadly, work needed was just too much for me and had to sell her. Thought she might be broken up but I think she is now for sale, having been totally restored. What a boat she must be now. The second of the three remaining was also in Cambridge, moored on the Cam."

Message from the webmaster - If anyone has any further information about La Boheme, please let me know and I'll contact John directly.

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