'He lifted up his eyes and, behold, there was a very stately palace before him, the name of which was Beautiful.'
(from Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan, English writer and preacher)

Hardwick Hall - Derbyshire
(OS Grid Ref. SK462637 Nearest Post Code S44 5QJ)

Hardwick Hall - Derbyshire (OS Grid Ref. SK462637 Nearest Post Code S44 5QJ)

Latest update - (desktop wallpaper & jigsaws)
Sunday 5th July 2015

Hardwick Hall is an architecturally significant Elizabethan country house in the county of Derbyshire, first created in the 1500s by Bess of Hardwick. She was was the richest woman in England after Queen Elizabeth I, thanks to four well-made marriages and the death of all of her husbands! Chatsworth was another of Bess's great houses. In 1959 the Treasury transferred Hardwick Hall to the National Trust.

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