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On This Day A history of Britain. This page lists events from Britain's past that occurred 'on this day'

Daily Surprise Jigsaws 16 months before they reappear

Daily Jigsaws with a help picture to aid completion. 13 months before they reappear

Admiral - Photographs and details of the Admiral class of boats that were former Norfolk Broads cruisers

About Beautiful Britain

The Beautiful Britain website has been a hobby since 2001. That makes it almost as old as Google! BB does not generate any revenue and no longer creates links to commercial websites. The pictures are all from our many short break holidays here in Britain.

Why is this website changing?

60% of Internet traffic is now on mobile devices (2017). In the months ahead I hope to convert the most viewed pages of this this web site to a 'mobile friendly' format. If they do not display correctly, please let me know.

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