'I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself,
than be crowded on a velvet cushion.' (Henry David Thoreau - American author, poet and philosopher)

Photo taken at Erddig - a National Trust property in Wrexham (OS Grid Ref. SJ326481 Nearest Post Code LL13 0YT)

Latest update - (desktop wallpaper & jigsaws)
Friday 24th October 2014

Photo taken at Erddig
(a National Trust property in Wrexham)
OS Grid Ref. SJ326481
Nearest Post Code LL13 0YT

Hallowe'en (31st October) is the eve of All Saints' Day, which is celebrated on 1st November. Hallowe'en is one of the oldest celebrations in the world and dates back over 2000 years. All Saints' Day is a day dedicated to all saints who do not have a special day of their own.

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Daily Updates (Latest update )
Picture of the Day 1024x768 wallpaper previously shown on these web pages
On This Day Events from Britain's past that occurred on
New! Daily Surprise Jigsaw A downloadable jigsaw from the archive. (These puzzles will have appeared previously on these web pages as surprise jigsaws or desktop wallpaper.) The jigsaws are cyclic, but it will currently take 11 months before they reappear.
Britain's changing seasons (Latest update Friday 24th October 2014)
New Picture of the Moment, plus two downloadable jigsaws - of a Hallowe'en display at Erddig, a National Trust property in Wrexham - (1920x1080 HD widescreen desktop wallpaper)
New Desktop Wallpaper - page 1 - An opportunity to catch up with some that you might have missed
New Surprise Jigsaw Puzzle of the Moment
New Jigsaw Puzzles from the previous 3 uploads - An opportunity to catch up with some that you might have missed

Other Recent Updates
New! 13th October 2014 A printable, seasonal calendar for November 2014 via this link. Advance notice : There will be no new calendar pages after December 2014. The calendar section of the website has not proved as popular as I had hoped.
New! 24th September Autumn themed colours for all pages on the Beautiful Britain website.
New! 17th September 2014 Whitworth Historical Society - Winter Lecture Programme 2014 - 2015
New! A printable, seasonal calendar for September 2014 via this link.
New! 25th May 2014 Links from the Beautiful Britain website to externally maintained websites about Whitworth, in the county of Lancashire.
New!26th March 2014 A delightful children's poem - The Lonely Frog, written by site visitor Melanie Hefford
New! 23rd February 2014 New website design. More details on the contact page.
You can view a slideshow of 3 years of Beautiful Britain wallpaper via this link.

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